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20 Steps to Start

A check up for every business owner

The Value Exchange-Workbook

Understand your Value

PCF Academy’s employability and soft skills courses are mindfully designed to ensure employee success. Our exclusive Value-Exchange™ workbook is the basis of a dynamic curriculum and coursework that aligns with our mission to provide innovative training that grows and adapts to the needs of employers and employees alike.

Take this time to study what employers are looking for in a great employee. Our resources will equip you with valuable employability skills for the workplace. 

Our Childcare provider's Guide

This training will help individuals going into the childcare industry learn more about the overall expectations of employers. This course encourages self evaluation and self reflection that will help guide the hearts of daycare workers. 


Life Skills for the Real World

Life Skills for the Real World" is a perfect resource book for youth ages 14- 22 years of age.  This book is  designed to be interactive with assignments and worksheets to teach you some of the valuable life skills that you will need in the real world so that you can become one step ahead of what  some  adults had to figure out on their own through trial and error.  


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